10 expressions with the word eye

10 expressions with the word eye
   0 Published by Nuri at 21/05/2019

Why should we learn English expressions?

The answer is simple, because English people use them every day in their daily conversations. In fact, if you look a little at how we talk to our family, friends or at work, you're sure to notice that we use expressions too.

Sometimes the same expression in Spanish is translated into English in the same or similar way: Better late than never (Más vale tarde que nunca). However, on other occasions, their expression and ours have nothing in common: You're pulling my leg, aren't you? (Me estás tomando el pelo, ¿verdad?
That being said, it's logical to think that if we want to understand native English and also want to speak English as they do, then we must learn these expressions.

There are many colloquial expressions in English that use words related to body parts. In previous articles, we showed you expressions with the word head and foot. In this article we'll show you some common phrases that include the word eye.

1. To have your eye on something. To see something that you like so much that you want to buy it.
I have my eye on a leather jacket I saw the other day. I'm saving up to buy it.

2. To be up to your eyes in something. To be very busy, to have a lot to do.
I meant to call you, but I was up to my eyes in work and I couldn't.

3. See eye to eye with. To have the same opinion.
I don't see eye to eye with my colleague on this issue.

4. To cry your eyes out. To cry a lot.
The ending of the film was so sad that I cried my eyes out.

5. To catch someone's eye. To get someone's attention.
The inspector was looking around the room when suddenly something caught his eye.

6. To turn a blind eye. To ignore something deliberately.
You knew what he had done and instead of firing him you preferred to turn a blind eye.

7. To keep your eyes peeled. To keep looking for someone or something you hope to find.
Keep your eyes peeled for parking space.

8. Out of the corner of one's eyes. To accidentally notice that something is happening without seeing it directly.
I saw someone take the key out of the corner of my eye.

9. In the blink of an eye. (Very quickly).
They wolfed the cake down in the blink of an eye.

10. To/with the naked eye. (Able to be seen with your eyes and not by using any artificial help).
It's hard to tell with the naked eye if the diamond is a fake.

Do not hesitate to use any of these expressions in your conversations in English, and if you know any other phrase that includes the word eye, put it in the comments.

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