15 Phrasal verbs related to technology

15 Phrasal verbs related to technology
   0 Published by Nuri at 19/07/2019

Today new technologies are part of our daily lives, we use our mobile phones to listen to music, make payments, look for information, play games, and sometimes even call. In addition, in most homes there is at least one desktop computer with its screen, its keyboard, its mouse and of course the tower. Probably there will also be a laptop and a touchscreen tablet. We spend hours surfing the Internet, downloading music or films, uploading photos to facebook...

As it is everyday language, it is advisable to know some vocabulary in English on this subject, so we can start learning some phrasal verbs related to the world of computers.

1. Log in/on. To write your password in order to use your computer.
I can't log in, have you changed your password?

2. Log out/off. To do the necessary actions to finish using your computer.
Don't forget to log out when you're done checking your email.

3. Key in. To put information into a computer using buttons or a keyboard.
To access the web page you have to key in the code that you will be given by email.

4. Boot up. To start working.
It takes quite a while for this computer to boot up.

5. Pull down. To open a list of options.
Pull down the Font menu and select the type of letter you like.

6. Scroll up/down. To move information up and down the screen in order to read it.
Use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down the screen.

7. Back up. To make a copy of the information stored on a computer.
It is highly recommended to back up important files.

8. Go down. To stop working.
I was about to finish the report when suddenly the computer went down.

9. Shut down. To stop operating.
Will something happen if I don't shut down the computer properly?

10. Wipe out. To remove the information stored on a computer.
A virus got into my computer and wiped out the hard disk.

11. Print out. To make a copy of a document you have on your computer using a printer.
I've finally finished the report! All I have to do is print it out.

12. Pop up. Appear.
I hate it when ads keep popping up.

13. Sign in. Register once you've got an account, that is to put your user name and password.
Every time I want to enter my email I have to sign in.

14. Sign up. Register for the first time, create an account.
If we want a free trial of the course we have to sign up.

15. Set up. To do all the necessary actions to make a piece of equipment ready for use.
The technician's setting up our modem.

If you know more words or phrasal verbs related to technology do not hesitate to put them in the comments.

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