Phrasal verbs and New Year's resolutions

Phrasal verbs and New Year's resolutions
   0 Published by Nuri at 09/01/2020

The Christmas holidays are over and we have started a new year, 2020. When a year ends we leave behind all the good and bad that has happened to us during its course and we invest all our expectations in the year to come.

A new year means a new beginning, a new opportunity to do things differently, perhaps to move forward on our path to achieve a goal, or to set ourselves new challenges. It opens up the possibility for us to look at our mistakes and try not to make them again.

So, with the intention of changing our future, we made a list of resolutions that we want to carry out with the hope that this will significantly improve our lives. Although it must be said that most of the things on our list will not be fulfilled because many of them have to do with our will power, perseverance and patience.

Many of us start with energy and great enthusiasm, but after a few days, for whatever excuse, we begin to put it off until the next day and little by little, one of our resolutions ends up on the list of unfulfilled goals.

Popular resolutions
Among the many things that are included on the New Year's resolution list, perhaps the most popular are the following:

1. To lose weight.
Most of us think that we have a few extra pounds and want to slim down. In order to do so, we will have to cut down on fatty foods and start eating in a healthier way. It will also be necessary to work out every day, so many decide to sign up for a gym.

2. Quit smoking.
This obviously only affects smokers. Giving up smoking is not usually an easy task and therefore requires great willpower and determination not to give in at the drop of a hat. Stick to your goal and don't hesitate to draw on all the tools at your disposal.

3. Save money.
Another of those resolutions that is difficult to carry out, sometimes not of our own free will, but because on many occasions we have unexpected expenses. To save up, those who can put aside a little money each month. We will have to spend less and for that we will have to find out what we use our money for. We will probably have to give up doing certain things, go out less and buy just what we need.

4. Spend more time with family and friends.
Family and friends are our greatest treasures and are worth our time and attention. We should try to get together more often with our family and also drop by/call in on our relatives from time to time. Meet up with friends we haven't seen in a while and catch up on things.

5. Learn some new skills.
It is always enriching and fun to learn to do new things. Taking up a hobby is always stimulating. If you are not sure what activity you want to do, you can try out different options and see which one you like best. Learning a language is one of those activities that we put off because of laziness or lack of time or money and we put it on the list of resolutions in case we succeed some year.

There are many other things we can add to our list such as tidying up the attic, sorting out our books and finding out that there are some we have borrowed and need to give back. We may have clothes that we no longer use and want to give away.

We may want to become better people, more empathetic, more punctual, more responsible...

Everyone will have their own list of resolutions, and it is quite likely that many of them will end up being just that, resolutions, and not fulfilled goals, and we will justify it by making up the usual excuses. However, if we are able to persevere and overcome the temptation to give up, we will be rewarded in the end.

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