Expressions with the word HOT

Expressions with the word HOT
   0 Published by Nuri at 18/04/2023

We are having a very hot summer, in fact we do nothing but talk about how hot it is every day and we are always waiting for the weather forecast in case they tell us that the temperatures are going to drop a little. Unfortunately, just when we think we have reached the limit of heat that can be withstood, we realise that the temperature can still rise a few more degrees.

What can we do about it? Well, we can be patient, look for cool places, if there are any, and repeat over and over again that this ordeal will soon be over.

In the meantime, we'll learn English, which won't help to cool us down, but at least it will distract us a bit from the unbearable heat.

Expressions to describe how hot it is.

We are having quite a heatwave (a period of unusually hot weather, especially one that continues for a long time), and when this happens we say that it is extremely hot, it's boiling / scorching / baking / roasting hot. We can say that "it looks like we are in for a hot one" when we want to express that it will soon be very hot; or that "the sun is beating down", which means that the sun shines very brightly and the weather is hot. When we enter a place and we want to tell people that it's hot outside, we can use the expression: "It's a hot one out there".

When the heat is intense, humid and suffocating we say: "It's muggy today" and we tend to "sweat buckets". We will try to "beat the heat" as best we can, whether at the beach or at the swimming pool. Of course, let's "stay out of the sun" in the middle of the day and protect our skin with a good sunscreen.

Now that we have talked about heat, it is time to learn other uses of the word hot, which is also found in certain expressions. Let's look at some of them:

1. A hot issue / topic. A subject that a lot of people are discussing, especially one that causes a lot of disagreement.
Global warming has become a very hot topic over the last few years.

2. Hot off the press. Newly printed or published.
We've just received a copy of her latest book, hot off the press.

3. Blow hot and cold. To keep changing your attitude towards someone or something
I can't tell what he wants - he keeps blowing hot and cold.

4. Get hot under the collar. To become angry – used especially when people get angry in an unreasonable way about something that is not important.
You don't need to get hot under the collar. I didn't mean to offend you.

5. Too hot to handle. Too difficult or dangerous to get involved with.
This situation is too hot to handle.

6. Hot and bothered. Upset and confused, for example because you have too much to do.
She was struggling with her bags and cases, looking hot and bothered.

7. Sell like hot cakes. To sell quickly and in large amounts.
These T-shirts are selling like hot cakes.

8. Get into hot water. To be in trouble because they have done something wrong.
You’ll get into hot water if you are caught cheating in an exam.

9. In the hot seat. In a position in which one must face intense questioning, criticism, punishment, or scrutiny.
The director will be in the hot seat for the recent scandal.

10. Be like a cat on hot bricks. To be anxious and unable to sit still or relax.
I will be like a cat on hot bricks till I know my marks.

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