15 Phrasal verbs related to Christmas

15 Phrasal verbs related to Christmas
   0 Published by Nuri at 12/12/2019

Christmas is coming, the time of the year when it seems that we all become better people thanks to the Christmas Spirit that fills our surroundings. The streets are filled with lights creating a special magic, the family reunites around the table to share the typical festive meals. The TV too adapts to the season and offers us seasonal Christmas films and of course advertisements willy nilly so that we are flooded with ideas for our Christmas gifts.

So, in these days we have ahead of us, Christmas will be a relevant topic in our conversations and so, it will be interesing to learn some phrasal verbs that you can use or maybe hear if you watch films in V.O.

1. Look forward to. To be excited about something that's going to happen.
Aren't you looking forward to Christmas? I am.

2. Put up. To attach something to a wall, tree...
I can't wait for Dad to come with the Christmas tree so that we can put up the decorations.

3. Set up. To prepare some kind of equipment so that it's ready to use.
When are you going to set up the Christmas lights?

4. Hang up. To attach something, usually a piece of clothing.
Go and get the Christmas stockings, we'll hang them up on the fireplace.

5. Wrap up. To cover a present or something with paper.
I've already bought the present for my Secret Santa. I only have to wrap it up.

6. Come down. To move downwards.
Santa parks his sledge on the roof and then comes down the chimney.

7. Sing along. To sing a song with somebody who is already singing.
My grandma started singing a Christmas carol and we all sang along.

8. Dress up. To dress in smart or formal clothes usually on special occasions.
Do you also dress up on Christmas Day?

9. Meet up. To meet someone.
On Christmas Day all the family meet up at my grandparents' house.

10. Catch up with. To talk to someone you have not seen for a long time, in order to know what they have been doing.
At Christmas we take the opportunity to catch up with family gossip.

11. Stay up “late”. To not go to bed.
You can't stay up late because Santa Claus is coming.

12. Take down. Remove.
When Christmas is over we have to take down all the decorations.

13. Curl up. To sit in a way that you feel comfortable.
One thing I love about Christmas Day is when after lunch we curl up on the sofa and watch Christmas films on TV.

14. Send out. To send copies of something to a lot of people.
Have you bought the Christmas cards yet? I want to send them out tomorrow.

15. Raise up “your glasses”. To hold your glasses to make a toast.
It's time to raise up our glasses and make a toast for all of us.

We want to encourage you to use these phrasal verbs if you get the opportunity and don't doubt to put in your comments any other phrasal verbs or expressions related to Christmas.

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