How to practice your conversational English whenever you want

How to practice your conversational English whenever you want
   2 Published by Aida at 20/03/2019

Do you want to improve your English conversation skills? We will tell you how to do it here.

Why is speaking English so difficult?
You have surely heard the same words a hundred times. But when it comes to pronouncing them, there's no way you can do it right. And what about the phrases, at best I'm sure you do it like an Indian. You know, in your mind you have something you want to say, but in that moment you do not find the way to express it, you get mixed up and lose the thread of the conversation.

Undoubtedly you have a mental barrier that prevents you from saying what you are thinking, but if you think very slowly, you will surely find the right words and the right order. But that delay makes you go mad, you get nervous and there is no way to have a fairly normal conversation.

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Then, why is it so difficult to acquire the ability to speak English well?

Speaking is the least practiced skill
The answer is very simple. English learning systems are based on a lot of grammar, reading texts, written exercises and listening to some audio. Notice how little you speak in a class, let alone have someone who corrects your pronunciation. You see! Nobody pays attention to whether you speak English well or not, the system leaves it up to you to achieve that goal. Disappointing, isn't it?

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Since we don't live in a place where people speak English, there is no way of knowing how natives usually speak and express themselves. What's more, we lack context, there is nothing around us in English. On top of that, there is no way for us to interact in English and get feedback so that we know if we are doing it right or wrong.

Textbooks and other teaching resources created specifically to teach English show examples and exercises that are so simple and silly that they have nothing to do with real life and how native English speakers speak, write or express themselves.

You see, just by going to school, a language school or downloading an app, you almost certainly won't be able to follow a conversation, understand a film or the television. In addition, many times your own teachers don't pronounce correctly, and in this way they you learn their own mistakes and imperfections.

If you haven't succeeded in speaking English well, don't worry. It's not your fault at all, don't feel inferior, tortured or thinking your language skills are terrible, or worse, that you'll never speak English! Now you know that learning methods are the only ones responsible for that.

How can I improve my speaking skills?
The good news is that now there is a method with which you can learn to understand and speak English in a totally different way from the learning systems you know.

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It is a combination of content and technology with which you will learn by listening and speaking, receiving feedback in real time so you can quickly improve your pronunciation until you speak like a native speaker. This method is called Lewolang.

Whether you are an English student or someone who wants to learn English, we advise you to try it out and see for yourself how wonderful this system is. All you need is a computer and a pair of simple headphones with a microphone so you can speak.

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