10 Phrasal verbs related to family

10 Phrasal verbs related to family
   0 Published by Nuri at 25/06/2019

As you may know, phrasal verbs are those verbs that are followed by a preposition and whose meaning must be learned like any other vocabulary word. But not only that, you also have to take into account if they are transitive (followed by a direct object), for example, pick up: "Could you pick up my dress from the dry Cleaner's?"; or if they are intransitive (without direct object), for example, break down. "My car broke down on my way to work".

In any case, when we learn a phrasal verb, it is advisable to do it in context, that is, in a sentence, to understand its meaning and use.

In this article we show you phrasal verbs related to family:

1. Grow up. To develop from baby or child to being an adult.
I grew up in a small fishing village.

2. Bring up. To look after a child until it becomes an adult.
Bringing up four children is no easy task.

3. Look after. To take care of someone.
Nowadays many grandparents have to look after their grandchildren.

4. Take after.To look or behave like an older relative.
My sister takes after my mother, they're both stubborn.

5. Get on with. To have a friendly relationship with someone.
Why doesn't he get on with his father?

6. Get together. To meet in order to spend some time together.
The whole family got together to celebrate Grandma's birthday.

7. Tell off. To speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong.
My mother told me off again for not tidying up my room.

8. Fall out. To stop being friendly with someone because you've had a quarrel.
I've fallen out with my parents because I want to drop out of college.

9. Get round/around someone. To be nice to someone in order to get what you want.
I'm trying to get round my parents to let me go to the concert.

10. Settle down. To start living a quieter life by getting married or staying permanently in one place.
My brother is finally going to settle down.

You can now include these phrasal verbs in your conversations about the family or in other contexts, as some of these phrasal verbs can be used for other conversation topics.

If you want to know more phrasal verbs, you can enter Lewolang, where you will find examples with illustrations to understand them better.

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