15 Phrasal verbs related to clothing

15 Phrasal verbs related to clothing
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The English use phrasal verbs all the time and in all kinds of conversations, so it is very important that we gradually learn some of these verbs, not only to understand them when they speak, but also to be able to speak like the natives.

This time we will focus on phrasal verbs related to clothing.

1. Dress up: To wear special or formal clothes to attend an event or for a special occasion. It also means to put on a fancy dress.
We used to dress up to go to church when we were children.
Nosotros solíamos arreglarnos para ir a la iglesia cuando éramos niños.

2. Dress down: To dress in an informal way, to wear more informal clothes than we normally wear.
Should I dress down to go to her birthday party?
¿Debería vestirme de forma más informal para ir a su fiesta de cumpleaños?

3. Try on: To put on clothes to see if they fit or look good on you.
I love this dress. I’ll go to the fitting room to try it on.
Me encanta este vestido. Iré al probador a probármelo.

4. Put on: To put a piece of clothing on your body.
I was so tired that when I got home I put on my pijamas and went straight to bed.
Estaba tan cansada que cuando llegué a casa me puse el pijama y me fui directamente a la cama.

5. Throw on: To put clothes on quickly and without care.
I opened the wardrobe and I threw on a pair of jeans and the first jumper I found.
Abrí el armario y me puse a toda prisa unos tejanos y el primer jersey que encontré.

6. Take off: To remove a piece of clothing.
Take off your shoes and put on your slippers.
Quítate los zapatos y ponte las zapatillas.

7. Have on: Llevar puesto.
He had a pair of dark green trousers on and a mustard yellow sweater.
Llevaba un pantalón verde oscuro y un suéter de color amarillo mostaza.

8. Get into: Ponerse una pieza de ropa con dificultad porque nos va pequeña o es muy ajustada.
I must have put on some weight because I'm having a hard time getting into the dress.
Debo haber engordado un poco porque me está costando lo mío meterme en el vestido.

9. Zip up: To fasten a piece of clothing using a zip.
Could you zip me up, please?
¿Me subes la cremallera, por favor?

10. Do up: To fasten a piece of clothing.
It's freezing cold outside, so do up your coat.
Hace un frío que pela, así que abróchate el abrigo.

11. Go with: To combine.
Do you think these shoes go with this dress?
¿Crees que estos zapatos hacen juego con este vestido?

12. Wear out: To use a piece of clothing so much that it doesn't look good enough to wear.
I've worn out these pair of shoes in just one month.
He gastado este par de zapatos en sólo un mes.

13. Hang up: To put your clothes on a hanger or hook. 
You should hang up your shirt or it will crease.
Deberías colgar tu camisa o se arrugará.

14. Take up: To make a piece of clothing shorter.
The jeans are nice but they are too long. They will have to be taken up.
Los vaqueros son bonitos pero son demasiado largos. Habrá que acortarlos.

15. Wrap up: To put clothes on to keep warm.
Wrap up warm before you go outside to play.
Abrígate bien antes de salir a jugar.

We hope these phrasal verbs are useful to you when you need to communicate in English. If you know any other phrasal verbs related to clothing, don't hesitate to put them in your comments.

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