Naked hiking in Switzerland can cost you dear.

Naked hiking in Switzerland can cost you dear.
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In every country in the world there are prohibitions or laws. However, it is logical to think that if we all used common sense, many of these laws would be unnecessary, that is, the fact that they have to impose a punishment for having done something that we already know should not be done, does not leave the human species in a very good position.

In this case, we will focus on those laws or prohibitions that are curious or even surprising.


In the Appenzell-Ausserrhoden region someone decided to go hiking in this area wearing only socks and shoes. The fact is that he walked through a picnic area where there was a family enjoying a day outdoors. In Switzerland there is no law on public nudism, but there is a law against public indecency and on this law it was debated whether this act should be punishable or not. In the end it was considered that it was, therefore, naked hiking entails the payment of a fine, not only in that area but in the rest of Switzerland.


Those of you who are planning to visit the Acropolis in Greece, should know that it is forbidden to wear stiletto heels in that area as, apparently, these types of shoes damage the floor of this ancient place. Apart from that, it is worth saying that perhaps this type of footwear, although glamorous, is not the most appropriate to walk comfortably around this place.

United Kingdom

According to the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, you can't beat a rug on a main street. There is only one exception, and that is the door mat, which can be beaten as long as it is done before 8:00 in the morning. If someone commits this offense they will have to pay a fine and they could even be arrested.


The inhabitants of the Italian village of Falciano del Massico are not allowed to die. Apparently this small village has a problem of space and when someone dies, there is no place to bury them. Therefore, the nearby villages must cede space in their cemeteries to the inhabitants of Falciano. The solution is easy, to build a new cemetery, the problem is that the village is small and it is difficult to obtain resources for its construction, so, until the cemetery materialises, the mayor, humorously, has forbidden his citizens to die.


In Seville it is forbidden to play dominoes or dice in a bar to avoid noise pollution. It is also forbidden to sing, shout or play a musical instrument in the street if this causes discomfort. The penalty for this type of "crime" is usually a fine, the amount of which will depend on the seriousness of the offence.


If you plan to travel to this country, bear in mind that chewing gum is forbidden. In fact, if anyone dares to sell or chew this sweet-tasting gum, they could face a fine of up to $100,000 or they could be sentenced up to two years in prison. It's worth thinking twice before putting a packet of gum in the suitcase.


Naming your child if you live in Denmark has limitations. There are a large number of names (about 30,000 or so) laid down by law from which to choose. This law was introduced to protect children from possible cases of bullying for having a name considered rare. Names should also make it clear whether they refer to a boy or a girl.


In Germany it is forbidden to stop on a motorway for running out of petrol, because it is considered to be caused by human error, that is, it is a situation that can be prevented. The fine for breaking this rule is around 70 euros, although the relevant thing is that it is very dangerous to stop on a motorway and therefore it can only be done in case of extreme necessity.


In this place no one can be challenged to a duel and therefore no one can take part in a duel. This law was in use many years ago, but it has never been repealed, so it still exists. It is hard to imagine that today someone might want to challenge themselves in a duel, although in our crazy world anything could happen.


In the French town of Chateauneuf du Pape, it is forbidden for UFOs to fly. Apparently, in 1950 there was a case of mass hysteria when a man said he had seen one of these flying objects. To solve the problem, the mayor had the brilliant idea of prohibiting these spaceships from invading the air space of this area. It is not known whether the potential inhabitants of space who would like to visit this place on our planet were informed, but the truth is that since the law came into force no flying saucers have been seen in that area.

Do you know any other laws or curious prohibitions you wish to share? Put them in the comments.

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Alejandro Arias Lopez
Eso no es nada. En Colombia esta prohibido defenderse de un ladrón te puede acarrear dos años de prision y tener que indemnizar al ladrón con dos millones de pesos. 5 years ago Reply