15 Phrasal verbs related to holidays

15 Phrasal verbs related to holidays
   0 Published by Nuri at 09/07/2019

Holidays are coming up, perhaps some lucky people are already enjoying some well-deserved days of rest on the beach or in the mountains, or are visiting another country. Whichever place you choose for your holidays, do everything that, due to lack of time or any other reasons, you cannot do in your daily life.

Apart from having a good time, relaxing and enjoying the good weather, you can also learn a few things, such as English. So we'll show you a few of those wonderful phrasal verbs you love so much (I'm kidding, they're horrible).

Anyway, if we want to improve our spoken English we have no choice but to learn phrasal verbs, so there it goes a few related to holidays:

1. Go away. To leave your home, especially for a holiday.
We can't come to your barbecue next weekend because we are going away.

2. See off. To go to an airport or station with someone in order to say goodbye to them.
My parents came to see me off at the station.

3. Set off. To begin a journey.
We set off in the early morning because we had to be at the airport at 6.

4. Laze about/around. To relax.
This time next week I will be lazing about on the beach.

5. Show around. To show a place to someone so that they can see the interesting things in it.
We've hired a guide to show us around the city.

6. Check in/into. To give your personal details at the reception desk of a hotel when you arrive.
We checked into the hotel and then went for a stroll around the village.

7. Check out. To leave a hotel after paying the bill.
What time do we have to check out of the hotel?

8. Get in. When a plane, train or bus arrives.
The train is about to get in.

9. Stop over. To stop at an airport for some time and take another plane to continue with our journey.
There's no direct flight to Australia, we have to stop over in Hong Kong.

10. Cool off. To become cooler when it's hot.
After unpacking we can go to the pool to cool off.

11. Look forward to. To feel excited about something it's going to happen.
I'm going to Italy this summer. I am looking forward to it.

12. Put on. To apply.
Have you put some sunscreen on yet?

13. Camp out. Acampar.
We could camp out by that stream.

14. Look round. Visitar, echar un vistazo, ir a ver, dar una vuelta por...
We could look round the old town tomorrow morning.

15. Stop off. To make a short visit to a place during a journey.
We stopped off in Florence for two days and then we went on to Rome.

Enjoy your holidays and try to use some of these phrasal verbs if possible.

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