15 Expressions with the word head

15 Expressions with the word head
   0 Published by Nuri at 09/04/2019

Would you like to speak English like the natives? Then you'll have to learn expressions that English people use a lot in colloquial language.

The English are not the only ones who use expressions when they speak, in all languages this characteristic is given. In Spanish we say things like "se te ha ido la olla", or "no le encuentro ni pies ni cabeza a esto", etc.

The thing is that if we learn this colloquial vocabulary, our level of English will improve considerably, since English grammar is relatively easy, the difficult thing is to learn expressions that most times do not coincide with our Spanish translation.

There are many expressions in English that use parts of the body (foot, hand, leg...) and this time we will show you some that contain the word head:

1. Head first
He slipped and fell head first down the stairs.
Resbaló y cayó de cabeza por las escaleras.

2. A/per head
How much do we have to pay a head?
¿Cuánto tenemos que pagar por cabeza/persona?

3. Heads or tails
Shall we toss a coin to make a decision? Sure. Which do you want, heads or tails?
¿Echamos una moneda al aire para tomar una decisión? Claro. ¿Qué quieres, cara o cruz?

4. From head to toe
My son was wet from head to toe.
Mi hijo iba mojado de pies a cabeza.

5. Off the top of your head 
It is used when you know something but at this moment you don't remember.
I can't tell you the exact date off the top of my head.
A bote pronto
no te puedo decir la fecha exacta.

6. Laugh your head off
I laugh my head off when Peter starts telling jokes.
Me río a carcajadas cuando Peter empieza a contar chistes.

7. Have no head for heights
I'm not going up the tower. I have no head for heights.
No pienso subir a la torre.
Tengo miedo a las alturas/vértigo.

8. Do something standing on your head
It’s such an easy exercise that I could do it standing on my head.
Es un ejercicio tan fácil que podría
hacerlo con los ojos cerrados.

9. Lose your head
My dad loses his head easily.
Mi padre
pierde los estribos fácilmente.

10. Can’t make head or tail of
These instructions are complicated. I can’t make head or tail of them.
Estas instrucciones son muy complicadas.
No consigo entenderlas.

11. On your own head be it
If you want to give up university, you can, but on your own head be it.
Si quieres dejar la universidad, puedes, pero
tú sabrás lo que haces.

12. Have a swollen head
Ever since he was accepted to Harvard, he's had a swollen head.
Desde que fue aceptado en Harvard se le han
subido los humos.

13. Bite someone’s head off
I wanted to ask her what was wrong with her but she bit my head off.
Quería preguntarle qué le pasaba, pero me
contestó de mala manera.

14. Be head over heels in love
My sister is head over heels in love with an Italian boy.
Mi hermana está locamente enamorada de un chico italiano.

15. Get it into one’s head
He got it into his head to travel around the world by bike.
Se le ha metido en la cabeza dar la vuelta al mundo en bicicleta.

Here is a sample of colloquial expressions in English with the word head. If you know any other expressions with this word, don't hesitate to put them in the comments.

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