Expressions with colours: White.

Expressions with colours: White.
   0 Published by Nuri at 02/07/2019

We keep on working hard to expand your English vocabulary in order to improve your fluency and to speak like the natives.

On many occasions the English use the word "white" with the same meaning as we do in Spanish. For example: white chocolate, white gold, white meat, a white wedding, white label, white wine...

However, the word "white" is not always translated literally. Here are a few examples:

White coffee Coffee with some milk. I'll have a white coffee.
White goods Equipment used in the home. These white goods are top quality.
The whites White clothes. I'm going to load the washer with my whites.
(Egg) white The white part of the egg. Whisk the whites until stiff.
White hair The colour of the hair when you get old. I'm starting to get white hair.
White lie A lie you tell in order to protect someone. There's no harm in telling a white lie.
White elephant Something useless that cost a lot of money. That airport is a white elephant. Nobody uses it.
White-tie A formal social event. We have a white-tie dinner next Saturday.
White as sheet Extremely pale. Are you ok? Your face is as white as sheet.
In black and white In writing. You must make your complaint in black and white.

If you know more expressions with the word "white", don't hesitate to put them in the comments.

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