How to express that you are tired in English

How to express that you are tired in English
   0 Published by Nuri at 04/06/2019

English people have many different ways to express mood and therefore it is important to know as many as possible in order to be able to speak as a native English speaker.

In a previous article we learned words and expressions to say that we are angry, and this time we will show you different ways to say that we are tired.

The word "tired" can be used with the verb "to be": I'm tired; or with the verb "feel": I feel tired. In addition, we can use certain adverbs or words to specify our degree of tiredness: very, awfully, bone, dead, extremely, really, terribly... Or: a bit, a little, quite, pretty, rather...

When we are very tired we also say that we are "exhausted". This adjective can be modified with the following adverbs: really, absolutely, completely, thoroughly, totally, utterly...

Now, what other expressions do the English use?

1. To be worn out.
I've had a really hard day at work, I'm absolutely worn out.

2. To be shattered.
I've been helping my granddad in the vegetable garden. I'm shattered.

3. To be knackered.
The training has been really hard today. I'm knackered.

4. To be pooped.
I'm really pooped. I'm going straight to bed.

5. To be dead beat.
The athlete reached the finish line dead beat.

6. To be all in.
I have spent all afternoon cleaning the garage. I'm all in.

7. To be dead to one's feet.
You are dead to your feet. You should stop studying and go to bed.

8. To be dog-tired.
The skiing day has been great, but I'm really dog-tired.

9. To be ready to drop.
I've done 40 lenghts in the swimming pool and then some spinning. I'm ready to drop.

10. To be on your last legs.
We've visited all the sights in the city. I'm on my last legs.

You will surely have more than one chance to use these expressions, so learn them and show off your English. If you know any other expressions to express tiredness, don't hesitate to include them in your comments.

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